Adrienne Fairhall.

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Adrienne holds a first class honors degree in theoretical physics, working with Bob Dewar in plasma physics, from ANU in Canberra, Australia and completed her PhD in physics at the Weizmann Institute, with Itamar Procaccia working on turbulence, in 1998. She moved into neuroscience research as a postdoc with Bill Bialek at NEC Research Institute in Princeton, then with Michael Berry at Princeton University. She joined the faculty of UW’s Department of Physiology and Biophysics in 2004 and became a co-director of the WRF Institute for Neuroengineering in 2014. With Eric Shea-Brown, she co-directs the Computational Neuroscience Center’s research and educational program at UW.

Current lab members


Postdoctoral fellow

Collaborating with Perkel lab



Postdoctoral fellow

Collaborating with Riffell and Dickinson labs



Neuroscience Graduate Program

Collaborating with Buffalo lab


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Physics Graduate Program



Shashank Sharma

Visiting student







Group trip to Lake Kachess, WA in early spring 2013. Front: Heather Barnett, Sharri Zamore, Anselm. Back: Rich Pang, Ali Weber, Phil Mardoum, Eliot, Adrienne, Alison Duffy, Sangwook Lee.







Tom Richner, PhD

Kenneth Latimer, PhD, postdoctoral fellow, U. Chicago

Guillaume Lajoie, PhD, Assistant Professor, U. Montreal

Ben Lansdell, postdoctoral fellow, U. Penn

Anatoly Buchin, PhD. Allen Institute for Brain Science

Bettina Schnell, PhD. Dickinson Lab

Julijana Gjorgjieva, PhD. Junior Group Leader, Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research

Michael Schwemmer, PhD. Battelle

Sharri Zamore, Postdoctoral fellow

Stefano Vrizzi, visiting student, University of Leeds

Chaoqing Wang, visiting student, Shanghai

Colleen Slentz, visiting student, Technische Universität Berlin

Richard Decal, post-baccalaureate

Heather Barnett, PhD. UW Medical Scientist Training Program

Phil Mardoum, BSc., Neuroscience Graduate Program, U. Washington

Sangwook Lee, M.Sc., Neuroscience Graduate Program, University of Chicago

Simon Sponberg, Ph.D., Georgia Tech

Mike Famulare, Ph.D., Intellectual Ventures, Seattle

Sean Trettel, BSc., Graduate Program in Neuroscience, UT Austin

Barry Wark, Ph.D., Physion Consulting, Boston

Rebecca Mease, Ph.D. Max-Planck Institute, Munich

Michael Farries, Ph.D., U. Michigan

Brian Lundstrom, MD, Ph.D. Neurology, University of Washington 

Sungho Hong, Ph.D. Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology